I Can Learn To Pray

ICanLearnToPrayAs a child I spent my nights at my Grandmothers.  I slept in the room next to hers and I could hear her earnestly talking to God.  Even at 95 she could be found on her knees in earnest prayer.  I could hear her thanking God for all the blessings in her life and asking for guidance when she was troubled. She was the one person who taught me how to pray and I hope to pass this on to my children.

“I Can Learn To Pray” is book of 52 devotions that was written to help your child develop a closer relationship with God through prayer. Prayer is more than just “words”, it’s a heartfelt communication between you and God.  The author, Holly Hawkins Shivers, helps us discover the power of prayer.

The book is intended to be read over the course of an entire year. There are 7 sections in the book
1) Learning to Pray
2) “Thank You” Prayers
3) “Wow!” Prayers
4) “I’m Sorry!” Prayers
5) “Help!” Prayers
6) How to Listen
7) Jesus Prayers

Each section is broken down into bite size weekly morsels that are meant to be digested throughout the week.  We read a chapter at the beginning of the week, and then try and put into practice what we’ve learned.

The beginning of each chapter has an activity for your child to complete. Many of these will require help from you and/or other family members.  We usually read our devotional just before bed, but I found that many of these activities were better done earlier in the day .  Each activity helps your child understand what is going to be discussed in the rest of the chapter. The discussions in each chapter are easy to understand and will help young believers grow in their faith.

The end of each chapter has a “Praying This Week” section. This section had the biggest appeal for me. It helps give my children and I an area to focus on in prayer.

The illustrations are cute and colourful adding a playful element to the book that most children will enjoy.

While this book is aimed at developing a closer relationship with God through prayer for your child, you will find our own prayer life strengthening as a result of reading this with your child.

For more information on “I Can Learn To Pray” please visit Thomas Nelson website.

*Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of “I Can Learn to Pray” from BookLook Bloggers in exchange for my review.  All opinions are 100% my own.




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