The Mustard Seed, a Novel by Peter Szondy

TheMustardSeed My Grandmother was a woman of strong faith.  No matter what life put in her path, her faith in God was always there. A faith she helped pass on to us…

“The Mustard Seed” is a book about the faith of a child.  When Sara Hopkins, a ten-year-old girl from a small town begins healing others she becomes and unlikely media celebrity.  Little Sara insists that she isn’t responsible for the healing, it was Jesus healing others through her.  When tragedy strikes will the faith of a child be enough?

“The Mustard Seed” is a faith-based Christian story about the power of prayer and faith in Jesus.  I often look at my children and their faith in Christ.  It’s honest and sincere just like Sara’s in the story.  I hope they never lose that in a world that is so critical of anything to do with religion.

The story has so many moments that will make you think.  One of my favourites is at the end of the book.

“Oh, sure,” Sara said, “I think Jesus comes to everyone.
But we have to see him in our own way, don’t we? How else can we do it?”

The Mustard Seed, by Peter Szondy
Chapter 23, page 134

I am sure I could see Jesus in my Grandmother.  In the way she smiled and even spoke.  She had a gentle peace about her that was always there.  The story makes you look for ways that God shows himself to us here on earth. He doesn’t always show himself in grand ways, but sometimes through the simplest gesture.

I can’t imagine how I would feel if my daughter told me that she saw Jesus walking on the water.  Would I believe her?  Would I think she’s just imagining things?  What if I saw a miracle? The author makes you wonder how you would react to miracles that happened right in front of you.

Sara’s faith never falters, even when the adults tell her she’s wrong.  The author shows us how important it is to keep our faith, even when the world may disagree.

All too often we get caught up in thinking we need to be a strong and powerful preacher to bring someone to Christ.  We are reminded that the simplicity of a childlike faith is all we need and speaks louder than any sermon.

“The Mustard Seed” is an inspirational story of faith, hope and the power of prayer.

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