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LiseWatierThe weather can be harsh on your skin.  I live in an area where the weather can take extreme changes.  One day it’s below freezing and the next day it’s sunny and warm.  These temperature fluctuations wreck havoc on my skin.

The “Lise Watier HydraForce  – Hydra-Protective Comforting Crème” is a unique hydrating  crème with Gaspé Algae Extract, that leaves your skin soft, smooth and protected.

When it’s left up to me, I usually just buy “whatever” and “hope for the best” when it comes to skin creams.  In my mind, one is as good as another.  I am quickly learning that often it isn’t the case. The  “Lise Watier HydraForce  – Hydra-Protective Comforting Crème” definitely feels different than the other creams I have used.

Just opening the bottle leaves me feeling pampered.  The container is small and compact, but easy to open.  It looks nice sitting on the counter so I don’t mind leaving it out on a daily basis.  I remember my grandmother having similar looking bottles on the counter and when I opened it up I was expecting an “old lady” smell, instead I was greeted with a soft pleasant sent.

The “Lise Watier HydraForce  – Hydra-Protective Comforting Crème” absorbed quickly into my skin into all areas. The crème felt light on my skin. I did experience some minor breakouts along my jaw-line, but nothing like the ones I get when I use heavier creams.

The active ingredient is a seaweed from Gaspé.  According to the website Lise Watier website its extract guarantees the skin’s global hydration, transforming it into a veritable defensive shield.

Have your ever wondered about the moisture levels of your skin?  There is a “Hydra-Detect App” that allows you to test your moisture levels.  The test is performed with a numeric corneometer. The sensor presses connects to your tablet/smartphone through your headphone jack.  You simple press the sensor onto the area of your skin (hands, T-zone or cheek) and wait for your hydration reading.

I tested the skin on my hands.  My hands would range in the low 30% hydrated before I used the Hydra-Protective Comforting Crème, after I used it my results jumped up to the low 60% hydrated.   Just for fun I cleared all the data and tried the app using my regular cream.  While I did see an improvement in the number, it was significantly less than with the Hydra-Protective Comforting Crème.   The only one that came close was when I used Coconut oil.

While I love how the crème feels on my skin and the results I have received, I am concerned about the ingredients.  I do prefer a more natural product for my skin.  When my skin is feeling it’s worst, this crème will help rejuvenate it in a hurry!

Visit to find out where you can test your skin’s hydration level.


Disclaimer: Products complimentary from Glam Sense for testing/review purposes. Views expressed are of my own.





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