Don’t Make These Silly Mistakes With Your Kids’ Safety At Home

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We all know that electricity can be dangerous. And yet many people still don’t take the necessary precautions when it come to their kids’ safety.

It’s time to change that and to stop making the following silly mistakes. Here are the most common things you’re getting wrong.

Keeping Electricals Near Water

Most of the electrical accidents that occur around the house do so because of water. Water conduct electricity and so can be extremely dangerous.

Accidents in the kitchen are frequent. Perhaps you have wet hands from washing up and try to use a plug socket. But they can also happen in the bathroom.

Letting Your Kids Open Up Electronics

Many consumer electronics have things called capacitors inside them. Capacitors store electricity, like batteries. But unlike batteries, they discharge their power all in one go.

That means that if kids open up electronics to look inside, they can end up with a nasty shock. And that’s even if nothing is plugged in. Educate them about the risks of opening up electronics.

Not Calling In The Professionals When They’re Needed

Smell electrical burning? Fuses keep blowing?

Don’t try to fix the problem yourself. You’ll only put you and your family at risk. Call in the professionals. Graham and Sons emergency service specialize in dealing with electrical faults and often get to clients within the hour.

Not Putting Caps On Plugs

Plug caps were invented for a reason. They make it nearly impossible for young children to put their fingers in the plug socket.

Get a bunch of plug caps and put them in all the plugs around your house that your kids could access and don’t take the risk.

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Being Overzealous With Extension Cables

Extension cables are ok, as long as they’re well managed and out of the way.

But when you’re plugging extension cables into extension cables, it’s time for a change of plan.

If you’ve got a lot of electrical appliances in one place, spread them around the house. Too much power drawn from a single socket can cause an electrical fire.

Electrical Cables Are Not Filed Away

Kids love running. They’re full of energy. That’s why it’s important to keep cables well out of the way.

Don’t let your children get tripped up. Route the cables behind furniture and under rugs.

Keeping Appliances On While, They Are Not In Use

Keeping devices on while they aren’t being used can be dangerous for both you and your kids. Without somebody there to monitor them, there could be a risk of fire.

Not Having Your Sockets Tested

If you do have an electrical fault in a socket itself, a socket plug may not be enough to protect your kids.

If your house is old and the wiring was last checked decades ago, ordinary plug sockets might be a hazard. Get a qualified electrician in to check the wiring in your house to make sure that you and your family are safe.

Well, there you have it; the eight silly mistakes you’re making when it comes to electrical safety.

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