Dakota the Flying Ballerina

DakotaMy daughter wants nothing more than to be a fairy.  She has an assortment of fairy wings and dresses, and wishes on every birthday candle to become a fairy.  If she was able to sprout wings, I’m positive that she would!  

“Dakota the Flying Ballerina” by Lou Silluzio is the story of a little girl named Dakota who has dreams of becoming the best ballerina in the world.  When her mom enrolls her in a dance class she thought life couldn’t get any better…that is until she sprouts her own set of wings and starts to fly!  What happens to this beautiful flying ballerina as she flies about her neighbourhood? Will she ever find her way home?

The author has created a wonderful adventure that my little girl loves.  When Dakota discovers that she has wings, my daughter was so excited.  She started telling me all of the things she would do if she grew wings.  Mr. Silluzio has created a story where your imagination literally can take flight!

“Dakota the Flying Ballerina” has a great lesson for us in critical thinking.  When Dakota is terrified and lost, she doesn’t lose her wits.  My daughter and I talked about how important it is to try and stay calm when we are in a difficult situation.  By remaining calm Dakota was able to reason out a way to find her way home.  We also talked about the importance of telling a grown-up where you are going.

Dakota didn’t let her fears stop her from doing the things that she loved.  My daughter and I talked about how we sometimes let our fears dictate the things we do and how it’s important to try to overcome these fears.

The illustrations are wonderful, matching the story perfectly.  They kept my daughters attention throughout the whole story.  I love how the author has chosen to highlight certain phrases in a different font.  I found myself reading these sections with a little “extra flair”.  The author write primarily for children between the ages of 3 and 9, which I believe is a perfect fit for this story too.

“Dakota the Flying Ballerina” is another great addition to the bookshelf of any little girl.  We have read several other books by Mr. Suilluzio and we look forward to reading more!

For more information on “Dakota the Flying Ballerina” please visit:
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*Disclosure: We received a complimentary copy of “Dakota the Flying Ballerina” in exchange for this review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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