Zigi the Alien and the Laughter Journey

ZigiLaughterThere is nothing quite like a deep belly laugh to make you feel better.  I love hearing the spontaneous laughter of my children.  I can’t help but laugh when I hear them laughing at the worst Knock-Knock jokes in the world!

“Zigi the Alien and the Laughter Journey” by Nirit Littaney, is the another installment of the Zigi the Alien series.  On Zigi’s home planet, Nepi, all the aliens are very serious.  They have no funny movies or jokes and very few opportunities to laugh.  Zigi isn’t like the other aliens, he loves to laugh.  Zigi decides to travel to earth so that he could have the opportunity to laugh and enjoy himself for a little while.  Follow Zigi as he follows his special sense to find all the funny things that happen on earth.

“Zigi the Alien” is an adorable little alien who loves to travel to earth.  Each visit is filled with a new adventure that my children love.

“Zigi the Alien and the Laughter Journey” is a story about finding the humour around us in everyday life.  The fun starts when a man steps on some bubblegum and loses his shoe.  Zigi find the situation funny and starts to laugh, it’s the perfect start to his day.  As the day progresses Zigi find humour in the events that happen around him.  At first I wasn’t sure how I felt when Zigi laughed at the misfortunes of others…until I realized that I would laugh too if someone stepped on a piece of gum and lost their shoe.  This sparked a conversation with the kids about when it is okay and not okay to laugh at someone’s situation.

The conversation went further and we talked about how we can react when things happen to us.  Everyday we are put in situations that can either make us laugh or make us cry.  It is up to each of us to decide which it is going to be.  If we lose a shoe to a piece of bubblegum, do we laugh at ourselves or do we cry?  The choice is up to us.

I love how the author picked situations that are funny, but where no one gets hurts.  She picked events that my kids could easily imagine.  The illustrations helped them imagine the scene. The colours are so bright and Zigi has an infectious smile that kids love him more and more each time we read the stories.

Our favourite part of the story is when Zigi gets the hiccups when he laughs to hard.  The author leaves us with the thought if we hear a hiccup around us, it could be Zigi laughing along with us!

The author also has a free gift for your child.  It’s an adorable printable of Zigi with a connect the dots.  There are also t-shirts now available staring the super cute Zigi!

For more information please visit “Zigi the Alien and the Laughter Journey” on Amazon.com.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of this book, in exchange for my review.  All opinions are 100% my own.


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