The Legend of the Easter Robin

EasterRobinEaster is an exciting time of year for children…thoughts of the Easter Bunny are never far from their minds.  One thing my children can’t understand, is why a Bunny delivers eggs.  It was always a mystery to me as well.  Why do we associate eggs with Easter?

“The Legend of the Easter Robin” is the story a little girl named Tressa who discovers that two robins have built a nest on her Grandmothers window ledge.  While Tressa and her Grandmother take time to decorate some eggs for Easter, Tress is distracted by her concern for the little nest.  Being a woman of faith, Gran shares with Tressa the legend of how the Robin got it’s red breast.

“The Legend of the Easter Robin” is a beautiful new illustrated version of the classic story by Dandi Daley Mackall.  The illustrations are very spring-like, full of spring greens, pinks and blues.  The expressions on each characters fit the story perfectly.  As the story starts there is a picture of with Gran, Tress, the pup and the robins.  You can immediately see Tressa’s concern for the robins on her face, while Gran and the robin has a look of peace about them.  They know that God is in control and will protect the birds.

EasterRobin2As Gran starts to tell the legend of the Easter Robin the images lose their happy spring-like feel and move to more somber tones. I always struggle with sharing the Easter story with my children. I want them to know the true story, yet I feel compelled to hide the cruel imagery that accompanies many of the stories. The illustrator, Richard Cowdrey, has done a beautiful job depicting the suffering Jesus endured for our sakes. These images tug at your heart.  If you have a sensitive child you may want to browse through the book first, to see if it is suitable for your child.

“The Legend of the Easter Robin” has changed the way I look at the humble little Robin.  Each year I anxiously wait to see the first robin of spring.  Now whenever I see the little bird I will always be reminded of Christ’s sacrifice and how much he truly cares for us.  The robin’s song will help me to remember that after Christ died, he rose again on that first Easter!

Easter baskets and Eggs have now taken on a whole new meaning.  I can now share with my kids why the bunny drops off Eggs to them each Easter.  The nest (basket) reminds us of the crown of thorns places on Christ’s head and the Easter eggs remind us of our new life in Christ.

“The Legend of the Easter Robin” carries a strong message of faith that could be enjoyed by everyone.  It is a reminder to each of us that we need to put our faith in God and that he will continue to take care of us.  No matter what trouble comes our way, he is in control.  It is a wonderful story of compassion and faith to be shared with generations to come.

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*Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of “The Legend of the Easter Robin” from Booklook Bloggers.  All opinions are 100% my own.


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