Simple Hacks to Save Money Without Even Noticing

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In today’s economic climate the cost of living is high. Unfortunately, wages haven’t increased enough to cover this. Sometimes it’s hard enough to get by, let alone save. Fortunately, there are a few hacks you can use to save money without even noticing.

Save on Taxis

If you take taxis regularly, then consider using Uber. Uber provides many benefits, not least of which is to provide lower fares. Further savings can be made by splitting your fare.

Save on Food

To save money on food, consider switching your supermarket. Compare prices and work out which store will provide the best savings. Why pay more on basics and necessities when you can find them cheaper elsewhere? Even small savings mount up over the year.

Save on Holidays

Save money on holidays by shopping around. Think about splitting accommodation costs and flight costs to get the best possible deal. Or use a comparison engine such as Go Compare or Travel Supermarket.

Save on Family Fun Days

Days out can be expensive. If you take into consideration transport, admission, and food, it can all mount up. Read our article on cheap ways to take the kids out for the day.

Use Promo Codes

Before going shopping search for discounts or promo codes. There are a wealth of sites offering promotional codes for online and offline shops and services. Newspapers are also a great source of money-saving vouchers. Remember to tear them out before you leave the house.

Use Loyalty Cards

When you’re in a rush, it’s easy to forget your loyalty card at the checkout. You just want to pay and get home. But remember that even small purchases can lead to rewards. Over a period of time, reward points can accumulate and save you money. You’re shopping there already and so why not take advantage of the savings?

Save on Fuel

A great way to save money without noticing is to swap your fuel supplier. Heat is heat after all. You won’t notice which supplier you use. But you will notice the savings in your bank account. Shop around and compare before renewing.


Haggling can feel uncomfortable, and many of us shy away from it. But follow these steps to negotiate your way to saving money.

Bank Savings Plans

Take advantage of your bank’s saving plans. Some banks will offer incentives when you open a savings account or transfer from another provider. In some cases, this is in the form of a cash deposit. Always shop around before making a switch.

Save Money Automatically

Transfer a percentage of your salary into your savings account automatically. When you start a new job or get a promotion increase the amount accordingly. If you start straight away, you will never miss that money, making it that much simpler to save.

Saving money can seem like hard work. It can feel as though you’re restricting yourself. However, if you follow these simple hacks, your savings will accumulate over time. You will be saving money without even trying. And the money you save can be spent on something you enjoy.

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