How You Can Tidy Up Your Credit Report

Photo Credit Petr Kratochvil
Photo Credit: Petr Kratochvil

If you know you’ve been neglecting your credit report for way too long, then it’s time to change that! There are so many situations where your credit score comes into play. There are also all kinds of anomalies which can pop up when you’re not paying attention. Whether you need a loan or you’re just looking to keep your finances more organised, cleaning up your credit report is very important. Here are some tips for going ahead with this.

First of all, look at the darn thing! This is a hugely important step for anyone who’s been neglecting to take care of their credit. Although unlikely, there may be a huge amount of errors harming your credit rating. These will need to be identified and disputed quickly. There are a lot of different slip-ups that can appear here. However, the major one to look out for is incorrectly listed late payments. Go through any debt which pops up on your report, double checking that it’s correct. If you leave anything that shows you have outstanding debt for too long, it can cause terrible damage to your score. Go to for a guide on how to check your report.

So you’ve studied your credit report and checked that any blemishes are correct. If you’re not dying of boredom at this point, you can move on to managing your debt. You probably know how tough reducing your debt is from first-hand experience. While it can be hard, it’s far from impossible. Once you get it done, it’s also extremely satisfying. One good, general tip is to stop using your credit cards. Modern people like you and me are far too used to being able to dip into an overdraft whenever they want it. Get a list of all your accounts from your report, and then use online resources to check the history of your statements. Look at any outstanding debt, and the interest rate on it. This will help you create a payment plan. Prioritise your available funds for paying off debt in the future.

Photo credit Lendingmemo
Photo credit: Lendingmemo

If you’re still struggling to tidy up your credit, then look for outside, professional help. Credit scores have gained greater and greater importance in recent years. Now, there are dozens of companies who will improve your credit score for a fee. Visit for a well-reputed example. If you’re in desperate need for a quick fix, then this is where to find it. These kinds of companies employ financial experts, and the service usually ends up paying for itself in the long run. Don’t rush straight into this though. Managing your finances requires the self-discipline to be frugal when you have to. If you keep up an attitude of buying your way out of problems, a paid service will only be a temporary relief!

A poor credit report can be stressful and hard to understand. Put the work in though, and you’ll find the stability you’re after. After learning a few key principles, keeping your credit report looking great is much easier than you’d think!

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