Cute Gifts for Quirky Kids

Quirky Gifts
Photo Credit:Pit Thomspon

Around this time of year, it seems like kids get invites to their friends and classmates birthday parties practically every other week. It’s always fun to watch your children play and enjoy themselves with all their little chums, but it can start to get expensive. Many parents set a reasonable budget for gifts for parties. All those gifts can add up, never mind the things like gift wrap and cards too. But it doesn’t have to cost the earth.

The other tricky part of buying for other people’s kids is you might not know what they already have. If your little one frequently has play dates with the birthday boy or girl? Then you might have a better idea, but half the time you might not know the children that well. So what do you do? Instead of trying to compete with all the other parents and the same old ideas, why not look for something a little offbeat or different. It’s less likely then that someone will have brought along the same present as you, which is always a relief, isn’t it? It saves the hassle too, of worrying where you’ve put the receipt if you need to offer to return it. Of course, you could always put a gift receipt in with the birthday card, but this somehow seems a bit off. Especially when it’s for a little kid!

The custom button pins are a really cute idea. You can get almost any design you can think of so the only restrictions you have are your own imagination. Bear in mind that sharps may not be suitable for very young children, but you can get safety versions for little ones.  You don’t want to give a present that could be a potential hazard, that’s for sure! No one is going to thank you for that!

A voucher for a craft session at a pottery centre is a clever gift. Not only will they have a chance to learn new skills, but they’ll also have lots of fun at the same time. In addition, they’ll also get to take home their crafts which will be a lasting memento of your thoughtful gift.  If you’re recipient loves to paint or is a little bit try, they’re sure to love it.

For all the budding chefs out there, this gift. is a brilliant idea. The Little Bakers box contains two different cake mixes and a spatula. It all comes presented in a beautiful basket, and is sure to please. There’s a brownie mix which is perfect for lovers of chocolate, and a cookie mix too. There aren’t any kids who don’t love basics, so it’s difficult to go wrong with this one!

This charming gardening kit is brilliant for kids with green fingers or some floral flair. This fairy garden will spring to life with real grass, and you can see the creation flourish! It’s cute, quirky and bound to be a firm favourite with little girls or boys. Let’s not gender stereotype our toys – adults would enjoy it too, even if they wouldn’t like to admit it!

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