Creative Gift Ideas For Crafty Kids

CreativeKidsOne of the greatest things about being a parent is watching your children grow. Not just in size, but as a person, too. Kids develop at such a rapid pace. In short spaces of time they master all sorts of different skills, learn new words and generally amaze you with how much they change.

One of the best way for children to learn new skills is through play. Hands on learning is crucial. You don’t know if you can do something until you try! That’s true for adults and children alike! Children are usually keen to try new things; they haven’t fully learnt the art of procrastination yet! If you make educational activities fun, then your children will pick things up and enjoy learning without it feeling like hard work!

Being creative allows your offspring to express themselves. Kids may start painting a picture without even knowing what it’s going to be. Just the experience of being able to create with no fear is extremely liberating. It’s a brilliant thing to be able to teach your children that there is the potential to make anything, and it can all come from their imagination. Who knows, you might have a budding inventor or fantastic artist on your hands!

Let’s start with the basics. Paper is something kids can go through a lot of. You can never have enough paper! Packs of paper, card, notebooks and sticky pads will give your children something to start their creative ideas with. Pens, pencils and crayons are needed by every child, after all, they need to something to draw on all that paper with! Scissors are essential too, but remember to make sure they are age appropriate. Never leave children unattended with sharp items, and remember that even plastic blades made for toddlers can still cut hair. (And how I found that out is a whole different story!)

CreativeKids1Some parents really don’t like glitter. Why? Because it gets just about everywhere, doesn’t it? And it takes forever to get rid of, no matter how often you hoover. In fact, many craft supplies are messy and in itty bitty pieces. They can be a real pain to clean up. But don’t hamper your kids creativity just because you don’t like the mess. Buy craft supplies like glitter and pom poms and other decorations. Keep them in small plastic boxes to make sure they don’t end up absolutely everywhere.

Everyone should have some basic sewing skills. Schools don’t always teach sewing like they used to back in the day, which is a real shame. It’s surprising even the amount of adults who are unable to do even the most basic of sewing tasks, like fixing a button or darning a small hole. Teaching your child how to do a few stitches is a proper life skill! If your child is a budding fashion designer, then a sewing machine is a great gift. Don’t make the mistake of buying a toy model, it won’t last or result in a decent finish. This Hello Kitty sewing machine is a steal – it’s a smaller version of a quality Janome machine. It’s kind of cute too – any little girl will love it!

Adult coloring books have seen a real explosion in popularity amongst grown ups in the last year or two. They’re still a firm favourite with kids as well! Believe it or not, coloring has whole hosts of positive effects on your health! Coloring not only teaches children about colour and drawing techniques. It’s beneficial to their developing brains! Coloring in can be as relaxing as meditating and can give little ones space in their busy little minds. A growing brain is a busy one! Being able to “switch off” for a while may make your child calmer and less prone to tantrums. That’s a perfect gift for any parent, never mind the child! If you’re buying coloring books as a gift, don’t forget to buy some new pens or pencils two. There’s something really satisfying about starting a new artistic venture with all new stuff to do it with!

Creative Kids 2Learning to cook is something kids can start learning from an early age. Not only is it an essential life skill, but it can also be a real art form too! Encourage their inner chef. Cookie cutters and baking sets are ideal gifts for budding bakers and keen cooks. Of course, you can’t forget an apron either! Keeping clean and tidy in the kitchen is something else you can teach your little chefs! Popcorn machines, cupcake makers, or even mini waffle makers, there are lots of modern gadgets than can help younger ones cook. Even without having to go near a big hot oven. They’re lots of fun, and you can enjoy eating the fruits of your labour afterwards!

If your little guys have green fingers, then there are lots of creative gifts that can get them out in the garden. From making windchimes to casting gnomes, you can decorate your outside with your kids handiwork. Seed sets are fun too. Pair them with a mini gardening kit that has small versions of essential garden gear. Mini trowels and forks are perfect for potting up seeds. Involving children in the processes of growing will teach them invaluable lessons about nature. If your kids aren’t so keen on vegetables, growing them may tempt your fussy eaters to give them a try.

Whatever you choose to buy, you can be sure a gift that encourages creativity is sure to be appreciated. Craft activities, especially those that can be done indoors are brilliant for days when the weather isn’t great! Sometimes it can be hard to amuse kids inside on rainy days, and crafting can keep them busy for hours. Bored kids are not fun!

Have you got any awesome ideas for crafty gifts? What’s your favourite thing to make with your kids? Have you found a hidden skill? Tell us all your tips below in the comments, it’s always brilliant to hear your own experiences!

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