The Crew Goes Coconuts – A Captain No Beard Story

TheCrewGoesCoconutsThere are so many life lessons to learn. Sometimes these lessons are easily learned, and other times we learn them the hard way.  I love stories that help teach my little ones about handling everyday situations before they come up.  Knowing how to handle something before it happens, always makes it easier to handle!

“The Crew Goes Coconuts!” is another swashbuckling tale starring our favourite Captain…Captain No Beard! There is trouble aboard the Flying Dragon.  The crew finds themselves parched, there isn’t enough juice to go around and it’s all because of Matie the Goat.  Upset by Matie’s mistake, the crew turns on him with cruel taunts and personal attacks. That is until Captain No Beard steps in and teaches his crew that everyone needs to be treated with respect and that bullying is wrong, regardless of the circumstances.

My children adore the Captain No Beard books.  Each story is filled with adventure and life lessons that they don’t even realize they are learning, until they need them!

In “The Crew Goes Coconuts” we learn an important life lesson about treating others with respect and kindness.  We are all different, sometimes these differences may be seen as a fault when perceived by others.  Captain No Beard teaches us to look at ourselves closely and we’ll discover that we all have our good points and bad points. He teaches us that instead of teasing and bullying someone because we see them as different, we need to find the good in people.  By doing this we can find some new and wonderful friends.

The author, Ms. Roman, has created a fantastic imaginary world that my kids can’t wait to visit again and again.  The illustrations are fantastic.  The characters are easily recognized from book to book.  I love how the book is set up, pictures on one page and the words on the next, this makes it really easy to read aloud to a classroom.

Captain No Beard leads his crew with honour.  His crew follows his lead because they love him, not because they fear him.  It’s the way I want to parent my children too.  When his crew is met with misadventure, Captain No Beard steps up and gently leads his crew through the trouble without yelling or punishment.  He educates his crew on better behaviours and his crew loves him all the more for it.

Ms. Roman has taken the very serious topic of bullying and made it into a fantastical story  that every child will love.  She approaches a very real problem in today’s world with a sense of humour that children will love and parents will appreciate.

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Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my review.  All opinions are 100% my own.



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