The Beginner’s Bible: Kid-Sized Devotions

KidSizedDevotionsBedtime is a special time.  It’s that time of night when I get to snuggle down with my children and just enjoy being with them.  One day they won’t be this small anymore and spending time with Mom just won’t be cool anymore so I try to enjoy this time with them while I can.  We always try to read a bedtime story and if there isn’t enough time for a full story, we always try to make time to read a devotional with them.

“The Beginner’s Bible: Kid-Sized Devotions” is a devotional geared for children 6 and under.  It takes your child through the Bible in a year.  It starts in Genesis with the story of creation and moves through the bible, one devotion at a time.  It ends with a devotion from Revelation, where it talks about accepting God into your heart.

Each devotional is structured the same.  It starts with a scripture.  This is italicized so that your child can immediately tell that it is something “special”.   The scriptures are taken from the New International Reader’s Version (NIrV).

Then it has the day number.

The Lesson is the next.  Each lesson is about a paragraph long and tells a bible story in a simple manner that your little one can easily grasp.  I would have loved to see a little more detail in the story, but my children loved them just the way they were.

Each lesson is accompanied by a short summary.  I used this summary as a discussion point with the kids.  We would focus on this singular point for a few minutes each night and explore the different ways that God shows his love to us.

The illustrations are bright and colourful. They immediately felt familiar to us.  When I looked closer, I discovered that they are illustrated by Kelly Pulley.  We have read another book that he wrote and illustrated called, “Treasury of Bible Stories”.  Mr. Pulley has a distinct illustrating style that is fun and full of joy.  He has the ability to show the seriousness of some stories (think of Jesus on the Cross) and showing it in a child friendly way.

Finally each devotional ends with a one-line prayer.  This is great way to end the night with your child.  The kids sometimes find it difficult to start their own bedtime prayers, so I read this line and let them repeat it and finish it with whatever is weighing on their mind and hearts.

There are 365 devotions in this book, one for every day.  We found that we weren’t able to really skip from day to day like other devotionals we have.  The book runs in sequence, and each story before gives a little needed background to the next.  We did jump to the beginning of the Christmas story during the Christmas season.  We just flipped through the devotions until we found a good spot to start.

The end of the book has “The ABCs of Salvation”.  I have often seen this done from A to C, but “The Beginner’s Bible: Kid-Sized Devotions” goes from A all the way to Y, the letter Z appears to be missing.  I’m not sure if this is an oversight or intentional.

“The Beginner’s Bible: Kid-Sized Devotions” is a great books for early readers.  My six year old loves that she is able to read some of it on her own, and my son loves the bright pictures that go with each devotion.    Each devotion helps my children develop a stronger relationship with God.

For more information on “The Beginner’s Bible: Kid-Sized Devotions” visit the product page.

*Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of “The Beginner’s Bible: Kid-Sized Devotions” from BookLook Bloggers.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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