GUEST POST: 6 Steps to Get Your Laundry Under Control


6 Steps to Get Your Laundry Under Control

So you’ve found yourself in a mountain of dirty laundry. No one has clean underwear, you’ve been wearing the same shirts for multiple days, and your socks haven’t matched in a week. It’s chaos. Laundry is one of those things that isn’t on anyone’s list of favorite activities, but it’s something that needs to get done. Sometimes, however, we can get caught up with other things to do or we just procrastinate until it’s too late. If you’ve found yourself in this situation, not to worry, we’ve outlined a 6 step method for you to conquer those clumps of filthy clothing.

Create a Plan

It’s tempting to immediately get to work when it comes to a big laundry task. However, it’s wise to take a step back and think through the action steps, even if it’s a job as ‘mindless’ as doing laundry. Planning out your attack is the ultimate way to increase the organization and efficiency of your success.

First, choose a date for the assault. Either pick a day on the weekend or a couple of evenings after work. Our favorite approach is to dedicate one whole, uninterrupted chunk of time to focus on tackling those heaps of dirty clothes, finishing the job and getting it out of the way. Of course, if your family doesn’t have any clean clothes to wear, this kind of situation can be more of an emergency, making it challenging to plan ahead. So if you can’t wait, just arrange a time to dedicate to your laundry duty, even if it’s the next few hours or tonight after work.

Once you’ve picked your chunk of time, schedule everything in advance so you’re set up only to focus on one chore, laundry. Create an arrangement for your meals ahead of time, such as getting takeout dinner, or having something delivered.

Specify Your Dedicated Sorting Space

Designate a place to be your laundry sorting sanctuary; these will be the sacred grounds where you’ll sort out the behemoth of dirty clothes. Ensure your dedicated area of soiled garments is close to the washing machine, so you don’t have to spend any extra time transferring the goods.

Gather the Laundry & Hunt for Stray Items

Grab all of the laundry, every last bit of it, and place in your sorting area. Make sure to catch everything. Scour the house for any stray socks or dirty shirts. It can be discouraging, not to mention just plain annoying, to find a few items hiding behind a door or under a bed right after you’ve finished the laundry. Better to get everything done in one fell swoop.

Sort, Then Wash

Sorting may seem like the obvious next step, but not always. Again, it’s easy to start throwing clothes into the machine and initiating the wash. Instead, take an extra few minutes and separate all the clothes in advance before starting a load. By sorting first, it will prove to make the overall laundry job more efficient, easier to tackle and pleasant to manage in the long run.

Round 1: Begin!

Once you’ve successfully sorted the laundry monster, it’s time to slay the dragon. Make sure to set a timer that you can carry with you. Your cell phone can work as a great alarm. You don’t want to waste any of your washing machine’s precious time being unused. As soon as the timer goes off, put the washed clothes in the dryer, and add a new load to the washing machine. Set your timer again. Wash, dry, set timer, repeat.

When your clothes are dry, take them out of the dryer, fold them and put them away immediately. This practice prevents your apparel from sitting around and getting wrinkled, and makes sure the job is entirely complete. Sometimes we think if the clothes are done and out of the dryer, that bundle is complete, and we forget about the part where we have to fold and put away the clean garments.

Create a System for the Future

You did it! Congratulations. That wasn’t so bad now, was it? But you’re not quite done yet. Take this opportunity and create a plan for the future to prevent this monstrosity from occurring again. Your clean laundry will only last so long before it piles up again. If you continue with the same routine you had before, you’ll find yourself in this mess all over again.

Identify where the root of the laundry problem lies. Usually, it can be as simple as not cleaning your clothes often enough, or procrastination. It can be also caused by other things, though, such as being overwhelmed with overall housekeeping tasks. Perhaps you need some help in the form of home cleaning services or even someone to watch your kids a few hours each week. Once you’ve diagnosed the problem, it’s easier to see how to prevent a laundry overload in the future.

After you’ve made adjustments to avoid this atrocity from easily happening again, schedule dedicated laundry days from now on. Some people prefer to do one small load every day, establishing a routine, so the laundry doesn’t get overlooked and built up. Other people prefer to schedule one day per week and do a big load on that date. It’s up to your personal preference, feel free to play around with options. The key, though, is to be doing laundry on a regular basis.

One can never have too many laundry hampers. Purchase a couple of extra baskets if needed, and place them around your home in optimal areas. If dirty clothes baskets are placed conveniently, it helps prevent people from the temptation of throwing dirty clothes on the floor. Instead of just one basket in the bathroom, put a hamper in everyone’s bedroom. You can even take it a step further and make separate hampers for light and dark clothing, making your sorting job easier.

Lastly, keep the “fold immediately” routine. When doing laundry, the folding task itself can become another big job to wrestle. Rather than letting the clean clothing build up to create more work for yourself (and possibly wrinkling all your clothes in the process), make a routine of folding those clothes immediately as they’re out of the dryer.

Remember, the biggest part of a giant laundry task is the anticipation and the mental burden of the job. The thought alone can weigh on us and eventually become overwhelming. By starting these steps, even just setting a date to take on the laundry, you’ll be moving towards reducing your stress and anxiety on the matter. If you need help with other house duties, and could use any maid cleaning services in the Bellevue area, contact April Lane’s. We’re the premier option for a green cleaning service for your home. Contact us today to inquire about any of our services.

*This is a Guest Post by April Lane Cleaning.

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