Fussy Gussy and the Carrot Rescue

FussyGussyThere is nothing more frustrating than trying to convince a fussy eater to try eating something new. The other night while at the supper table, my son asked me what “that” was.  He was pointing to a carrot.  I told him it was a carrot and was met with a very loud, “Eww…that’s gross!  I’ll never eat that!”

“Fussy Gussy and the Carrot Rescue”, tells the story of another little boy nicknamed Fussy Gussy, who dislikes carrots. Trying to encourage Fussy Gussy to eat his carrots, his Mom tells him the story of his Great Great Great Great Grandfather, King Augustine the Third.

King Augustine dislikes carrots so much that he forbids anyone from eating or growing carrots in his kingdom.  He has every carrot in the kingdom seized and stored in the stockade near the bridge.  When his Royal Guardsman hears news that a group of deadly assassins have planned to attack the King, they devise a plan to escape.  With the assassins fast approaching will King Augustine find a way to escape?  What will happen to the carrots that have been stored?

“Fussy Gussy and the Carrot Rescue” is a clever story written by Ortal Zeret and Hadas Korb, that encourages little ones to try new and healthier food options, in this story it’s all about carrots.

This would be a perfect story to tell around the supper table while you are trying to convince your little ones to eat their carrots.  The story focuses on King Augustine’s adventure and not about all the health benefits of a carrot.  The story is what interests my kids…not that the carrot is good for them.  “Fussy Gussy and the Carrot Rescue” is an adventure like no other.  I would have never thought to combine assassins and carrots all in one story.

The illustrations are bright and colourful, a perfect addition to the story.  You can immediately recognize both Fussy Gussy and King Augustine from their earlier books.

The author has also provides your child with a creative kit that you can download for free at the end of the story, this would help to extend the learning.  While you little one is colouring away you can be chatting about the reasons why carrots are good for you.

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*Disclosure:  I received a complimentary copy of “Fussy Gussy and the Carrot Rescue” in exchange for my review.  All opinions are 100% my own.



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