Assemble Your Very Own Craft Kit

CraftBoxAs a family, there is nothing we love more than getting stuck into some crafty project. This is particularly appropriate at this time of year. The truth is whatever the season my kids will happily sit down and stick, glue and color to their hearts content. Instead of having to look all over the place for bits and pieces I decided to make up a dedicated craft kit. I think I’ve got just about everything I need in it, but if you have some suggestions, please feel free to add them. Some of these are more ‘hands on’ suggestions than others. And some are definitely for supervised use only!


I don’t know where we’d be without them. Sometimes I just don’t know where they go at all. I’ve lost count of the amount of pairs I have lost over the years. And it’s never the ones that don’t cut anything that disappear. You can get regular scissors, of course, but for small delicate hands, try junior varieties. Plastic handle scissors work well, and rounded tips are a must. I do like scissors that cut, however! Get a few pairs, at least, and bright colours can help you locate them easily.

Glue Gun

What did we do before these amazingly useful tools came along? The perils of trying to glue stuff together without success are over. Grab glue guns from Glue Guns Direct and you’ll be hot glueing the house back together. Definitely a supervision required item, but a ‘must’ in any craft box

Stapler or staple gun

There are times when nothing else will do. Not a pin, not a clip. It’s a staple moment. Make sure you get a good quality one and plenty of staples to keep you supplied. Staple guns are the stronger and harder working version. These are brilliant for upholstery and even come in useful for some DIY projects. A good quality hardwearing one will last a lifetime.

Pliers and tweezers

These are just useful for those moments when you need to pull wires together. They’ll reach in and grab anything that is too small and fiddly. They will hold something even smaller, still, so you can get on with the job in hand.


The kind with the tiny teeth that will saw just through just about anything. They are also good for cutting through delicate and not so delicate bamboo. The small teeth get a great grip and don’t tend to split edges as they cut.

Small Hammer

A delicate version of its bigger brother. Great for tapping in picture hooks and tasks that come along with framing your prize pictures

Yarn or Twine

Need we say more? You probably already have some in the kitchen or tool shed, but I don’t think you can ever really have enough.

Collect these items together and you’ll have the basis of a good quality craft kit. You can add anything you like to this. Files are always useful; round and square. Sanding paper is a must have, as is a whole range of thinners and painting materials, such as brushes and felt markers.

And you want to make sure you have anything you need to help with a clean up.

It’s great to keep all this hardware together, and one brilliant solution is a good sturdy fishing tackle box. And you might just think about keeping a latch or lock on it, just in case small fingers are searching!


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