A Flag For The Flying Dragon

FlagForTheFlyingDragonMy daughter loves the “Captain No Beard” stories so much that she planned her entire birthday party around his stories.  We searched for treasure, made eye patches and even made our own treasure boxes, but the highlight of the entire party was when we built our own Flying Dragon.  All the pirates climbed aboard and the mermaids gathered round and we read the sea-faring tale of “A Flag For The Flying Dragon.”

“A Flag for the Flying Dragon” is a swashbuckling tale of Captain No Beard, the Captain of the infamous Flying Dragon.  It’s business as usual, but trouble is stirring aboard the boat. Zachary, the newest member of the crew is looking for a task to do.  He wants to be part of the team…but no one wants to let him help!

The story is one that every child  can relate to.  What do you do when you want to help so badly, but everyone says that you are too small to help or you are just in the way or spoiling the fun?  It’s also a story that parents can relate to…What do you do when your child wants to help you but sometimes that help is more of a hindrance? Do you step aside or do you find a suitable task for your child to help with?

“A Flag for the Flying Dragon” is a story of friendship and getting along with others.  It teaches our children that everyone has a place in this world, even if it can be hard to find sometimes.  As little Zachary tries to find his position among the crew he tries to help but just gets in the way, but he never gives up trying.  This is such an important lesson for our little ones to learn about believing in yourself.

Captain No Beard also teaches us a lesson in compromising.   It’s a great reminder for parents as well as a lesson for our little ones, to consider the feelings of others.  When the Captain finds a job for Zachary to do, he must compromise on his dream flag for his ship for the sake of the crew.  The Captain learns that sometimes in life the things we believe are important don’t matter so much in the long run.  What is important in the long run isn’t the “things” in life, it’s the friendships that matter.

Ms. Roman has created another amazing adventure staring Captain No Beard and his crew.  This story will inspire the imagination of any child.  I had 18 children sitting quietly as I read the story.  I loved seeing the sparkle in their eyes listened to the story and made all kinds of “pirate-y” noises.  The story is perfect for reading to a group of children.  The text is easily read, and all on different pages from the main illustrations.  You can fold the book to hold it in front of you, the kids can see the images while you read the text.  The illustrations are amazing.   The children immediately recognized the crew from the previous books.

This is another favourite “Captain No Beard” story.  The kids can’t wait for another adventure to become part of the “Captain No Beard” Crew!

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Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my review.  All opinions are 100% my own.


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