Tom and the Colorful Dragon


My son loves puppies.  He would love nothing more than if his stuffed puppy came to life!  I can only begin to imagine the adventures he and “Ruffy” would go on.

“Tom and the Colorful Dragon” by Ortal Zeret and Hadas Korb tells the story of Tom who was given the gift of a colorful stuffed dragon for his fourth birthday.  There is more to the colorful dragon than meets the eye.  The dragon comes to life and he and Tom go on the adventure of a lifetime.

Bedtime is a time is the time where my children’s imaginations go wild.  I love stories that touch inspire their creativity and leave them with nothing but the sweetest dreams.  “Tom and the Colorful Dragon” is the stuff that sweet dreams are made of.  Imagine if your favourite stuffed animal came to life?  What would you do? Where would you go if your new friend could fly you around the world and beyond?

“Tom and the Colorful Dragon” teaches our little ones about making friends.  When the little Dragon comes to life, Tom is terrified.  His initial reaction is to scream for the dragon to go away.  When Tom sees how his words have hurt the little dragon.  Tom is filled with compassion and soon realizes that the little Dragon means him no harm, he just wants to be friends. This is an important lesson to teach our kids about how our words and actions can hurt others, even when we don’t intend them to.

Tom overcomes his fears of the little Dragon and makes a brand new friend.  This is another lesson to teach our little ones.  Sometimes a new friend will look or sound different than us, while we may be a little scared at first sometimes we need to look beyond that to see the true friend that lies underneath our differences.   If Tom wasn’t able to overcome his fear of Dragons he would have lost out on a fantastic new friend.

The illustrations in the book are simply adorable.  The kids fell in love with the little dragon.  There is a certain innocence in his eyes that makes you want to be his friend too!

“Tom and the Colorful Dragon” is a great book to be read by young readers.  It’s perfect for bedtime, inviting readers to have amazing adventures in their dreams.

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*Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my review.  All opinions are 100% my own.



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