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FaithGirlzI still have the same Bible that I used in my teens.  It’s worn out and dog-eared with special memories hidden between it’s pages.  While it is something I cherish, I want my children to have their own Bibles that are unique and special them.

The “NIV faithgirlz Bible” by ZonderKidz is the perfect Bible for that unique girl in your life.  My daughter was immediately drawn to the bright and colourful cover, which is a glaring contrast to my old Black Student Bible.  There is a special magnetic closure that helps protect the page edges and to keep all those cherished pieces of paper that always find their way between the pages of your Bible.  The text is written in purple with highlight in pink.  The colours will appeal to most girls.

Reading the Bible can be intimidating, especially to new Christians.  The “NIV faithgirlz Bible” has several features that will help you to explore the scriptures and grow closer to God through your discoveries.

Each chapter of the Bible starts with an Overview containing key facts to help you understand the chapter.  These include:
1) Who wrote it
2) When was it written
3) Where it takes place
4) Cool characters you’ll meet
5) Bad guys to watch for
6) The point
7) How it connects

FaithGirlz2There is an “Oh, I Get It” section that answers common Bible questions that you have been wondering about.

The “Bring It On!” quizzes will help you get to know yourself.  For each answer there is a related Bible verse for you to read.

Every little girl loves to day dream.  The “Dream Girl” sections helps you to use your imagination and put yourself into the story.

“Treasure This” highlights key Bible verses for you to memorize and cherish in your heart.

My favourite section is the “Is There A Little (Eve, Ruth, Isaiah) In You”.  This section helps you understand various people in the Bible and see if you have any of their traits.

The back of the  “NIV faithgirlz Bible” is a little treasure trove of usefulness.  There is a table of Weights and Measures.  I really enjoy this little bit of information since it gives me an idea of the weight, size or capacity of an item.

There is a section for “Through the Bible in a Year” where you can check off the sections that you’ve read.  I really like how they let you know that you can read through each block in about 15 minutes. They also let you know that you don’t have to start with Genesis, but that you can start anywhere you like.  I know my daughter will be excited to see her progress throughout the year.

Another special section is the “Promises from the Bible”and the “Perspectives from the Bible” provides you with referenced Scripture passages related to Feelings and Situations you may be experiencing, like when you are feeling proud, anxious or in a position of responsibility.

There is a very special section on “How to Begin a Relationship With Jesus”.  This is a wonderful reference for anyone either for themselves or to share with a friend.  It outlines the steps needed to start your personal relationship with Jesus in an easy to read format.

“NIV faithgirlz Bible” is Bible perfectly suited for young girls.  The unique cover will have her proud to carry it with her and the in-text features will help her explore the scriptures and grow closer to God.

For more infomation on the “NIV faithgirlz Bible” check them out on the Faithgirlz WebsiteFacebook, Instagram, Pinterest or youTube.

*Disclosure:  I received a complimentary copy of “Brave Girls Faithful Friends” from BookLook Bloggers.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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