GUEST POST: Home Cleaning with Your Little Helpers

LittleHelpers2Kids often want to get involved in grown up activities. When they see mom or dad busy with something that requires lots of effort they seem curious, and sometimes they might want to get involved in the process. Home cleaning with the kids might sound like a messy, process, but once you acquire the patience for it, it will be an educational activity for the kids. All of them will learn chores sooner or later, and so you need to teach them how to execute those chores so that they can either help you down the road, or so that you can rest easy knowing they can do it themselves when they are on their own. But knowing kids’ short attention span, how do you get them involved in a house cleaning process?

Make It a Game

Kids love games. If you make something a game, they will participate and will learn to play along with you while you go through the house. Give your kids challenges, offer rewards for a job well done and see just how well they perform at simple cleaning tasks. You can always get your children involved with this type of process by turning it into something they like and would like to do.

Give Them Small Tasks

LittleHelpersOf course, you cannot immediately send your kid to clean the windows. Start with small things, maybe dusting, or wiping small spots with a microfiber cloth. If the kid is big enough, it could also hold a vacuum cleaner and push it around the house, or at least around the room. At the very least, you can give them the assignment to organize their toys, meaning putting them in the boxes they took them out from. Or going about the house, looking for those LEGO parts you keep miraculously stepping on in the most amazing places. It is better you have them stay away from cleaning products as chemicals are not a child’s toy to play house with (come on, it says it right there on the description!).


Kids absolutely love playing adults and pretending they are somebody who is to be taken seriously. To them your work seems so important and something they want to copy, and the best way to stimulate that desire is by giving them the proper uniform for the job. Your little daughter can get dressed as a maid while performing the dusting, and your son can be a steward as he looks for and wipes the spots off the polished wooden furniture or is immersed in upholstery cleaning. Or they can just wear clothes that resemble yours – kids love to pretend they are their parents, the formidable and awesome figures they look up to.

Kids can pick up home cleaning easily if you give them the right stimuli. Pick your choice of approach and apply it – you will be surprised with the results. Soon the little helpers will grow up and they will be able to do it all by themselves, maybe even relieving you of that tedious responsibility every once in a while.

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