Zigi and the Chocolate Cure

ZigiChocolateCureImagine if Chocolate was the cure for the common cold!  What a world that would be…Sadly that’s not my reality, but for Zigi the Alien it is his!

“Zigi the Alien and the Chocolate Cure” is a fun adventure story of Zigi the Alien.  When Zigi comes down with an alien cold, he knows just the “medicine” to make him feel better – CHOCOLATE!  Chocolate isn’t found on his home planet so he travels to earth in search of chocolate morsels to help him feel better fast.

“Zigi the Alien and the Chocolate Cure” is the second book in the ‘Zigi the Alien’ series.  It’s a fun  story to read with your little ones.  The kids were immediately drawn to the illustrations.  They are bright and colourful and add so much to an already great story.

As Zigi finds different chocolate treats the kids and I chatted and dreamed of what our own next chocolate fix was going to be.  The kids have decided that next time we bake chocolate cupcakes we should make a couple extra…just in case Zigi comes for a visit.

This story was so much fun to share with the kids.  It was meant to just be a silly story, with no hidden meaning tucked away within it’s pages.  Amazingly though, the kids still did find a big take-away message from the story about being considerate of others.  While Zigi was taking away various chocolate things, he always made sure to leave something behind in exchange…and more importantly when he was about to have some birthday cake he made sure that there was enough cake for everyone.  The kids thought it was great of Zigi to think about others first even though he really wanted to have that piece of cake.

The kids told also told me how important it is to always ask before taking something, but in Zigi’s case it was okay because it was important that he wasn’t seen.

I love how the author, Nirit Littaney, has taken the time at the end of the book to remind our kids that Chocolate cures only Zigi and that when they are sick it’s important that they take their medicine.  We have always stressed to the kids that it’s important that they always have an adult help them get their medicine.  My daughter asked why Zigi was able to self-medicate.  We decided that Alien’s are much more mature than humans so he was at the age where it was okay for him to do so.

“Zigi the Alien and the Chocolate Cure” is a fun story, perfect for bedtime (or anytime).  It is a little longer than our usual bedtime story, but extra time spent reading with the kids is always time well spent!

For more information on “Zigi the Alien and the Chocolate Cure” please visit:
Amazon: Zigi the Alien and the Chocolate Cure

Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of this book, in exchange for my review.  All opinions are 100% my own.


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