Milana and the Escalator

MilanaAndThe-EscalatorHave you ever gotten down and looked at the world from your child’s point of view?  When you are 3 apples high, everything is exciting and new!  You just feel like you have to run over and touch everything!  As an adult we forget how exciting the world is and expect our little ones to stay close.  An almost impossible task sometimes when there is such a great big world out there to explore!

“Milana and the Escalator” by Lou Silluzio is the story of Milana, a cheeky little girl who loves to explore.  When Milana gets excited she has a bad habit of running off without thinking of the consequences.  When her Grandfather takes her shopping and she runs off, Milana learns a valuable lesson about following instructions and staying close to her grandfather.

There is such a great lesson in this story for our children about following the “rules”.  It was a great reminder for my children that when someone tells them to do (or not to do something) there is usually a valid reason…even if they can’t see what it is at the time.

The illustrations are bright and colourful.  My kids loved to look at them. They fit perfectly with the story, you could see each of Milana’s emotions through the expressions on her face.

“Milana and the Escalator” takes an everyday situation and turns it into a valuable lesson.  Each time Milana would run away, the kids and I would try to guess at the hidden dangers around her. It was a great conversation to have.  As my kids are getting older I’ve been giving them more and more freedom, it feels good to know that they are able to see the dangers around them.

The author, Lou Silluzio’s is Grandfather of six.  His grandchildren are the inspiration for his stories.  A third battle with prostate cancer spurred him to follow his dream of creating a series of books as a legacy for his grandchildren. He donates 10% of the book’s profits to the Epworth Medical Foundation.

To learn more about “Milana and the Escalator” or to purchase please visit:
Twitter: @LouSilluzio

Amazon: Milana and the Escalator


*Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of “Milana and the Escalator” in exchange for my review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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