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Makeup remover doesn’t really have to be all that expensive or for it to come with a label for it to be effective. There are versions you can make at home on the cheap side without ever having to worry about it. It will take a few things to make things happen, such as the following:

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Aloe Vera Water (or filtered water)
  • A bottle you can reseal and shake for the mixture
  • Some cotton pads for application

Aloe Vera is a great way of making this makeup remover work, as it has been used in herbal medicine and cosmetics due to its amazing soothing abilities. It happens to be an excellent cooling agent for the skin with a wide range of amino acids and vitamins becoming part of the punch. Since it happens to be made up of nearly 95% water, you can also count on its incredible hydrating properties as well.

Olive oil can also be a great addition to a makeup remover. If you think that putting olive oil on your face happens to be something you doubt works, then you should relax since olive oil is close enough to the natural oils produced by human skin. This means you will not have it clogging your pores and it will instead help keep your skin soft and clear of any potential impurities that may be marring it.

So how does one make the makeup remover? Here are the steps you need to take:

  • Begin by pouring less than half a cup of olive oil into a bottle of aloe vera water, making sure the container has a good sealable cap for the next stop. You should use a little since it goes a long way due to it being too potent.
  • You will likely notice the oil starts floating over the water. This is of course completely natural, so before you apply the mixture you will need to shake it up really well and then use it for cleaning.
  • After you shake up the mixture, you should soak up a cotton pad, using it to gently press against your eyes without rubbing.
  • Keep things on for a few seconds as you move forward so this can work on breaking down the makeup, then gently sweep it around toward your ear and away from your eyes. You will soon notice the makeup dissolving and coming off quite easily.
  • Rinse and repeat as needed until your eyes are completely clean, then continue on with the rest of the face in pretty much the same way.

This mixture should not even feel too greasy to start, so remember that you should not be afraid of applying this to the skin. The aloe vera water will help make things freshened up and easier to work. If you have any allergies to chemicals this will be a great mix to use to avoid them and to make your face cleaning easier than ever.

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