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NoahMy family and I love to go geocaching.  Armed with a destination and a lot of good intentions, the kids and I will head out on a journey to find the cache of a lifetime.  We search through the woods, parks and even parking lots.  We are filled with excitement and talk a lot about the treasures we might find.  When we find that geocache we are so excited and filled with a sense of accomplishment.  I can only imagine the excitement I would have searching for the elusive Noah’s Ark!

“Finding Noah” is a documentary about the search for Noah’s Ark.  The explorers risk their lives in search of answers to the age old question, “Did Noah and his Ark actually exist?”.

The documentary follows the explorers as they travel up the Mt. Ararat in Turkey.  Armed with state of the art equipment and real-time satellite images the team begins an exploration unlike any other.   Braving the politically dangerous mountain territory, rock-slides, glacial ice falls, mountain storms and hidden crevasses the explorers begin their quest to find Noah’s Ark.

Each team member climbs the mountain with their own hopes, dreams and even disappointments as they deal with current problems and past failed expeditions. I enjoyed how they shared these moments and thoughts with us throughout the documentary.  I truly enjoyed the religious diversity in the interviews.  Many of the individuals were so emotional about their  journey you couldn’t help feel their passion.

The archived footage and the actual footage of the drilling and search all lends to a deeper understanding of the challenges the explorers faced. You can hear stories of how treacherous and desolate the mountain is, but to actually SEE it, helps you to really understand what the explorers are faced with while they search for the Ark.

Do they find the Ark? You will have to watch the “Finding Noah” to find out!

This documentary will be in theaters country wide on October 8th ONLY! To find a theater near you, or to purchase tickets please visit their website.

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dove12 has awarded this film the Faith Friendly Seal for ages 12-plus.

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