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ShellysOutdoorAdventureThis summer my while at a Vacation Bible School, my daughter had the opportunity to learn some sign language to go along with many of the songs they were singing.  As it so happened, the very next week we were at another VBS and she had the opportunity to teach the other children some of the signs she had learned.  Then that Sunday while at church we sang one of the songs she had learned at VBS and again, shared what she had learned.  This has started a desire to learn more sign language.

“Shelly’s Outdoor Adventure” tells the tale of Shelly and her friends, who go on a walk outside.  As they enjoy their walk, Shelly teaches them some new signs.

“Shelly’s Outdoor Adventure” introduced my daughter to 10 more signs to learn. I love that the author, Kentrell Martin, focused on everyday words that come up often in conversation.  Throughout the book you will learn the signs for Sun, Tree, Bird, Butterfly, Flower, Cat, Dog, Rain, Rainbow and Home.  My kids and I spent a lot of time at the campground and had the opportunity to use many of the signs each day.

Each word that is highlighted in the story has a sign with it.  There is also an alphabet chart in the back to explore with your children.  For each word, there is an illustration of Shelly signing it.  There was also a textual description of how to sign it, which helped us a lot.

The Shelly’s Adventure Website really adds to the story.  My children and I both noticed that the girls were very diverse.  When we went to the website, there is a great description of each of the girls backgrounds.  We are excited to follow their adventures in future stories.  When you explore the website you will also discover many other great resources to help you on your journey of learning American Sign Language.

There is a DVD available as well.  It provides live interpreter guidance that will help you learn American Sign Language.  I checked out the DVD preview and would love to get it as an additional resource.  I love being able to see a person show the signs. Check out the preview.

The illustrations are wonderful.  Bright and colourful, they fit perfectly with the story. The illustrations of Shelly doing the signs are well done and easily viewed and followed.

The story held my children’s attention.  We did break the story up into a few sessions because we would stop and work on learning the signs together.  I found that by stopping after a few signs and practicing them we were able to remember them.  The kids caught on much faster than I did. My daughter is in French Immersion at school and I don’t speak any French at all, it was fun for her to teach me the word for sun in French while signing it at the same time.

“Shelly’s Outdoor Adventure” is a great story for little ones starting on their own American Sign Language journey.

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*Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of “Shelly’s Outdoor Adventure” in exchange for my review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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