Bad Boy Bradley – Review

BadBoyBradly“Bad Boy” or “Bad Girl”, are phrases that I’ve tried to not use on my children.  I’ve tried to teach them that while their behaviour is bad…they are not.  I’ve tried to show them that even when they are doing things that are “bad”, they still are good inside their hearts…even if sometimes they have to look deep, deep down.

“Bad Boy Bradley” by Nirit Littaney, tells the story of a little boy in kindergarten who behaves so badly that no one wants to be his friend.  He wants attention and will take it any way that it will come, even if that means smashing down sandcastles or putting gum on the teacher’s chair. When the teacher comes up with a “Good Deeds” contest, Bradley is determined to win.  Can he change is “Bad Boy” ways in time?

Ms. Littaney has made real, the part in each of us that is the “Bad Boy Bradley”.  She shows our little ones that even though we may behave badly we can change, IF we want to.   In the story Bradley starts to treat others better because of a contest that had a very real and physical prize…a shiny new toy.  What I love about the end is that she also stresses that it’s important to treat others fairly and with respect, even if there is no shiny toy as a prize.  The way we treat others will reflect back onto us, which is a reward all on it’s own.

“Bad Boy Bradley” is a perfect story for parents to read with their little ones.  There are so many discussions that can be had around the story.  How should we behave when someone is being a bully?  What can we do when we feel ourselves behaving badly?  How do we feel when we treat others badly? What are some of the “rewards” of good behaviour?

In the story, Bradley’s classmates forgave him for his past behaviours.  My kids and I had a discussion on how sometimes “sorry” doesn’t make it all better, instead we need to show through our actions that we are really sorry.  While it wasn’t said in words in the story, I think it shows how his classmates were ready to accept him because of the change in his behaviour, not just the words he may have said.

The illustrations are bright and colourful.  My children could immediately tell from Bradley’s face and appearance if he was “Bad Boy Bradley” or the “Good Boy Bradley”.  In the picture where Bradley is pulling the legs off a doll, he looks downright mean! The text is easily read by early readers.

“Bad Boy Bradley” is a great story of children of all ages, with a lesson for us all…adults included!

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Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of this book, in exchange for my review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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