The Rainbow Egg

RainbowEggSometimes the best way to explain hard topics to children is through a story. Linda Hendricks, M.D. has written a story that tries to explain adoption in a way that little ones will understand.

“The Rainbow Egg” tells the story of Hope, a chicken who lives in the woods.  Hope has no nest to call her own.  When hope lays and egg she tries loves it with all her heart, but without a home it becomes harder and harder to care for her egg and keep it safe.  Hope sets off down the road with her egg in search of someone to help her.  When Hope finds a chicken house, her attention is drawn to Mr. and Mrs. Rainbow…a loving couple who have a nest of their own, but no egg to love.  Hope, knows that Mr. and Mrs. Rainbow are better able to care for her precious egg and with a tear in her eye, she hands her egg over to the couple for them to care for and love.

“The Rainbow Egg” takes the difficult topic of adoption and tries to explain it to younger children. The story left us with a few more questions than it really explained. Why didn’t Hope try to build a nest of her own? Did Hope choose to live in the woods with her friends over caring for her egg?  While we didn’t find the answers to these questions in the book, they are great discussion topics to have with your little one.

This story left us feeling a mixed bag of emotions.  We were very sad for Hope, who left her baby behind, but we were happy for the Rainbows who now had a baby of their own to love!

“The Rainbow Egg” takes the difficult topic of adoption and creates a story around it that will be bound to start a discussion about it with your little one.

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*Disclosure: I was provided a complimentary copy of “The Rainbow Egg” from Booklook Bloggers.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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