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LilyAnimalChoirLife is full of those little teachable moments.  Some of those moments are joyful and a lot of fun, but other times they are full of sadness and disappointment. How do you teach your little ones how to deal with life’s disappointments without flying off the handle?

“Lily and the Animal Choir” tells the story of Lily and her friends. Lily and her friends are goats who love to sing and dance.  They practice hard each day and have dreams of joining a choir.  The goats discover several choirs that they would like to join, but they are just laughed at by the other animals for their bleating and are rejected.  Will Lily and her friends find a choir that will accept them?

The illustrations are wonderful.  Full of vibrant colours and adorable characters.  My kids love the cartoon feel of the animals.

The author Ayala Saar is quickly becoming a favourite author in our house.  We have read many of her other books, “Jack’s Song“, “Big Boy’s Sleep in their Own Beds”  and Billy and the Ear Elves.  Each of her books carries a special message to share with your child.  “Lily and the Animal Choir” is no different, teaching your child about determination, disappointment, courage and not judging others by appearances.

When the other animal choirs make fun of the goats and their bleating, Lily is filled with disappointment.  She doesn’t cry or throw a fit, instead she brushes off the sadness and becomes even more determined to find a choir that will accept her and her friends. This is an incredible message to share with your child.  All to often it is only in the middle of a big disappointment that we try to teach our little ones about dealing with disappointments in life.  Sometimes it’s easier teach our children ways of dealing with things when it’s still hypothetical.  Creating a plan of action with them before they get into a situation where someone is being mean or difficult. My daughter and I had a quick conversation about how we could react if someone was making fun of us for how we sing and dance.

“Lily and the Animal Choir” also demonstrates how each of us is unique and beautiful.  When Lily found the last choir full of various animals, each with their own unique voice, she thought the sound was beautiful.  Never did Lily wish to be like the birds, cats or frog, she just wished to be accepted as she was…and eventually she found the perfect group to accept her.  A wonderful lesson about being true to yourself and not changing who you are just to be accepted. The secondary lesson is to be accepting of others as well, even though they may not look like, sing or dance just like you.  You just never know how beautiful and amazing someone can be!

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