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Mat2I love to look out the window while I wash the dishes.  It takes away from the drudgery of the chore. The view from the window is beautiful.  Sometimes I can see a little bunny hopping through the yard or I can watch the birds eating some of the feed outside.  One thing that takes away from my enjoyment of the view is standing on the hard floor.  My feet and knees begin ache and soon I’m am shifting positions trying to find a way that is comfortable.

The “AnthroDesk Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat” takes the ‘ouch’ out of standing in front of the window for an extended period of time. It has a non-slip surface which is great when I accidentally splash water on it.  It also doesn’t easily slide around the floor.

The mat is made with a  solid, high density ergo-foam core which helps relieve stress and pressure from your joints.  It makes standing in one spot much more comfortable.  It is 18 x 30 inches.  There is enough room to move around on it, without taking up an entire room.  I can see this being great behind a work counter, craft area or any place that you will be standing for an extended period of time.

Mat1The “AnthroDesk Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat” is extremely durable.  My mat is now a couple of months old and looks and feels just as good as the day I got it.  It wipes up extremely easily.  I have spilled water, spaghetti and other things on it.  A simple wipe down and your are looking as good as new.

The mat looks attractive in my kitchen and would look great in any space.  It comes in two different colours, Black and Brown.  I have the brown one.  It has a rich colour that has not lost any of its richness over time.  The woven looks helps it add a bit of decoration to it, so that it looks perfectly at home in any setting.

I love my “AnthroDesk Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat” it has made a huge difference in how I feel when standing doing the dishes.  I even considered taking it in the camper with me, I chose not to…then when I was doing the dishes in the camper I found myself looking for it.  Next time, it comes with me!

I was browsing through the AnthroDesk website and found several other items that will help your productivity and health.

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