The Story of 7 Tailed Rat

7tailedRatLife is tough.  I wish I could protect my children from the outside world but I know that it is impossible. They are going to experience hurt feelings because of things other people say and do.  I only hope that I can help teach them to love and accept themselves as well as others for who they are.

The “7 Tailed Rat Story” by Navinha Mer is a story of Rui, a little rat who has 7 tails.  When he starts school his classmates make fun of him because he is different.  He tries to change himself into someone he isn’t to be accepted and is disappointed when it doesn’t work.  He soon learns that it is important to just be yourself and to not let others dictate how you feel about yourself.

The story gave me mixed feelings.  I was glad that I read it first, so that I can be prepared with some answers to difficult questions that I know my kids will ask.  The book highlights several important topics to discuss with your child.  I know my daughter is going to ask why the other rats are making fun of him because of his 7 tails.  It is an important discussion to have with your child about being accepting of other people and their differences.

The story also brings up the hard topic of changing yourself because someone doesn’t like you for who you are.  Rui’s 7 tails are part of who he is.  They aren’t a bad habit that needs to be broken or something that bothered him until others started making fun of him.  Rui decides to have his extra tails removed to be accepted by the other rats.  He soon learns that the other rats still won’t accept him no matter what he does.  This is something that I know as my kids advance through school they are going to experience more and more.  I want my children to know that it’s important to find friends who will accept them for who they are…quirks and all.

The  “7 Tailed Rat Story” has an important message for everyone.  My concern with the story is that Rui’s parents take him to the tailor to have his tails removed so that he will be accepted by the other kids, before they have a discussion with him about whether or not it is something that he wants to do for himself or if it’s a choice he is making for someone else.  It is definitely a story that children should read with their child so that some very important discussions about acceptance can happen.

There are several typos throughout the story, that could should be addressed in future updates. I found the all caps writing style a bit difficult to read.

The illustrations are adorable.  They are full of colour and fit the story perfectly.

For more information on “7 Tailed Rat Story” please visit:
Amazon: Children’s books : “7 Tailed Rat Story”


**Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of “7 Tailed Rat Story”. All opinions are 100% my own.

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