Little Bunny’s Bible

LittleBunnyBible “Mom, can I have just one more story?” What’s a mom to do?  I find it hard to say no to that little creature snuggling next to me, trying so desperately hard to avoid going to sleep.  Just so I don’t have to say “no” I have squirreled away some books with short stories or poems to read for those “just one more story” nights.

“Little Bunny’s Bible” is a plush covered board book, with eight poems inside, the perfect length for those nights where you may be running a bit short on time.

“Little Bunny’s Bible” is a great way to introduce your child to God’s word.  The author covers key Bible stories, four from the old testament and four from the new testament and shares where each story is located in the Bible.  Often times we will grab my son’s Bible and read the scripture and follow it with the poem from “Little Bunny’s Bible”.

The book covers the following stories: Creation (Genesis 1-2); Noah (Genesis  6-8); Daniel (Daniel 6); Jonah (Jonah 1-3); Christ’s Birth (Matthew. 1: 18-24 and Luke 2:1-7); The Lost Lamb (Matthew 18:12-14); Feeding of the Five Thousand (John. 6:1-13); Jesus’ Death and Resurrection (Luke 23:44-24:8).

I love how the author chooses well known Bible stories and tells them in a way that little ones can understand.  In the “Lost Lamb” my son understood that the shepherd was looking for his sheep.  Then after we turned off the lights we talked about how God loves us and we are just as precious to him as that little lamb was to the shepherd.

LittleBunnyBible2Each poem is accompanied by adorable artwork that captured my son’s attention as much as the poems. This past Sunday was “Easter Sunday” and I often have to monitor the images that my daughter sees, because images of Jesus on the cross really disturb her, and at 5 if she knows Christ died for our sins, that is enough for me. The image choice the illustrator chose to represent the story of Christ’s death and resurrection was perfect.  It wasn’t the traditional Christ on the cross, but instead focused on the joy of his resurrection.

The book cover might not stand up to heavy abuse that a very young child may put it through.  It is glued on and a good tug will loosen it, and the ears are held down by a single stitch.  That being said, the cover is still one of the favourite parts of the whole book. The kids love to hug and snuggle with it.

“Little Bunny’s Bible” is a welcome addition to our book library.


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