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EggspertsWhen I opened my email this morning I was greeted with a surprise!  Reading Eggs has released the first episode of their new 3D animated TV series – The Eggsperts – for FREE!

I’ve reviewed their online reading program in the past an my daughter loved it, so I was sure that she would like this too, and I wasn’t wrong.  After it was over both kids wanted to watch it again.

The Eggsperts is a colourful and animated show that teaches your little ones reading skills all while having fun!  This episode focused on the “D” words and Rhyming words. Your kids can watch it on any tablet or smartphone. We watched it on our TV and the quality was great!

Go on a fun filled adventure to Sandy Bay with Sam, Jazz and Sam as they go on their quest to find clues, hatch eggs and meet new friends. Watch the first episode – ‘Squidgy Didge’ – for FREE today!

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Twitter: @readingeggs

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