Finding Monsters (Guardians of Esurack) – Liss Thomas – Review

Finding MonstersWhen you were a kid, did you ever worry about he monster under your bed?  Did you give him a name?  Did you ever talk to him? Would you be brave enough to look under the bed and meet him? Missy did…

Missy is a fighter.  She has spent her entire life fighting to live, her body is weak but her spirit is strong.  Charlie has spent his life watching out for his human.  He is tasked to hide under her bed and protect the portal to his world.  Charlie has done the unthinkable and has fallen in love with her.  When he sees her time on earth coming to an end, he can’t let her die. Charlie calls out to Missy and touches her which has dire consequences for him in the monster realm.

Missy is transported to the monster realm where she learns that her monster Charlie has made a great sacrifice to help her. When they touched, a bond was created between them that left Charlie too weak for the monster world.  The only thing that can restore his strength is for Missy to become a monster herself.  Missy knows what it is like to be weak and she can’t let Charlie live like that.

The monster realm holds many new adventures for Missy.  She is able to run and laugh. She is strong…stronger than she’s ever been.  To save Charlie she must complete three quests to complete the transformation.  Can she do it?  Is she finally strong enough?

I love how Ms. Thomas has turned the romance world on it’s head and has the Damsel rescuing her Prince.  All to often the women in romance novels are unable to stand on their own, they need their strong male protectors.  The author has reinforced the fact that girls can fight just as hard as to save those they love as their male counterparts.

Liss Thomas has created a world full of likeable strong well developed characters. She is very creative in her descriptions helping you envision this world with vivid clarity. This book has the reader running through the gauntlet of emotions. I felt everything from sadness, joy, anger and anticipation…I’m looking forward to reading the next book.

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