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Kids EmailMy daughter loves to be on the computer.  While mommy blogs, she does her “work” to.  More often than not, I am opening up my email account so that she can send emails to her favourite people in the world…Grannie, Nannie and Aunt Doughnut. She was so thrilled to discover that she could have her own email account through Kids Email.

Kids Email is a subscription based email system that allows parents to monitor their children’s correspondence.  A full fledged email system, it allows your child to send and receive emails in a safe environment.

I love the control that it gives me over my child’s email.  A single subscription allows me to set up multiple accounts.  They have created several features and options to help me keep my child safe while online.  You can set up a contact list and allow your child to only receive and send emails from those people.  Copies of all messages, (incoming and outgoing) can be sent to the parent.  There is also a setting to allow a parent to approve or deny any email that is sent to your child.

There are also several other features that I think would be a benefit to many parents.  Parents are given the ability to set time restrictions for email access.  Another feature that I really like are the activity logs. I am able to see exactly when and what my daughter is doing while she is using her email.

Kids EmailThe folks at Kids Email have really thought of everything.  They have a simplified email setting for younger kids that removes some of the more complex features like folders and formatting buttons when writing a new email.  If your child is older, they also have a look and feel that is geared more towards teens.

Kids Email protects your child from spam, vulgarity, viruses and predators while giving them the freedom to send and receive emails from friends and family in a controlled setting. For anyone looking for an email program for their child that can be monitored Kids Email just may be the email program for you.

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Disclosure: I received a 6 month subscription to Kids Email to facilitate this review. I am not required to post a positive review. All opinions expressed are my own and they are sincere.

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