USA Hockey – The Hockey IntelliGym: UPDATE 1.5 YEARS LATER

IntelligymA year and a half in, and still going strong! I still enjoy using the Intelligym, and do notice subtle differences in my game when I’m using it regularly. The big thing I’m working on now is staying calm. If I’m wound up during one of my sessions (or on the ice), I rush and make more mistakes than usual. When I’m calm, it’s much easier to be patient and take that extra second you (sometimes) need to make a play. Right now’s a great time for me to work on my confidence and patience, since we’re just playing summer hockey. Looking forward to seeing how it affects my game in another couple of months when regular season starts. Thanks again Intelligym!

USA Hockey IntelliGym:

**UPDATE 2012:
USA Hockey The Hockey IntelliGym: UPDATE 1 YEAR LATER

**Update 1.5 Years Later:
USA Hockey The Hockey IntelliGym: UPDATE 1.5 YEARS LATER

**Update 2 Years Later:
USA Hockey – The Hockey IntelliGym 2 Years Later

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  1. Thanks a lot for covering this product. I tried it with my son (14) and he also says he sees a big difference in his hockey. The controls are tough, but he is determined to keep up with this training program. Be aware that intelligym does not work on a game console (like xbox). It needs a mac or a windows pc.

    1. That is correct. The Intelligym requires Adobe Air to run, and therefore will not run on any platform that does not support Adobe Air. I believe support for Linux was dropped a couple years ago, so you can add that to your unsupported list as well.

      I found the controls a bit awkward as well. As a side note, some keyboards do not support pressing multiple keys simultaneously. If yours happens to be one, it will severely hamper your ability to steer. Just something to check into.

      Thanks for posting, and I hope your sons training goes well.

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