Once A Week Cooking Club – Review and Giveaway

Once A Week CookingWhen I was asked to review Once A Week Cooking from OnceAWeekCooking.com I thought that it would be a wonderful opportunity to get suppertime at my house under control.  I’m not a great cook, and some nights the thought of cooking 2 and 3 meals for supper just is to much and we end up eating chicken fingers and french fries…not the home cooking I would love to feed my family.

My family is picky. A typical meat and potato supper at my house would look like this…Ham and peas for my husband, steak and corn for myself, and potatoes for us both, but that doesn’t cover the kids.  My daughter will eat spaghetti and my son…that’s always a mystery, I generally find out what he wants as it hits the floor and I discover “that” wasn’t it.

Val Selby has created a meal plan for once a week cooking.  She has solved the problem of, “What for supper?”.  By cooking once a week and freezing the meals there is always a ready supply of meals in my freezer.  The biggest challenge of cooking once a week is what day to do it.  Cooking all the meals at one time just didn’t work with our schedules, so we divided the time between Saturday’s and Sunday’s.

Once A Week CookingOnce a week you will receive an email with a list of this week’s recipes and a shopping list.  The shopping list is divided into categories like meat, vegetables and dry goods so you can easily see the grocery list for the week.  The recipes are also listed in order that you should cook them to make your cooking time most efficient.

The first couple of weeks, we doubled up on some recipes because there were a few that no one in my family would eat, like the baked meatball sub sandwiches.  As the weeks progress you get an assortment of recipes that I started to mix and match.  Following the meal plan set out for me, but substituting some of the favourites from the weeks before.

Once A Week CookingI love that I can create individual size servings.  So when it comes to meal times, I can pop out 2 or 3 different items depending on what people will eat.  I have a square muffin tin that is the perfect size for freezing things.  It works great for the meatloaf and the Korean Beef and other similar recipes.

The meals are set so that you can combine fresh or frozen side dishes.  In my case, I made a “TV Dinner” of frozen potatoes, vegetables and meatloaf.  I put them together in a freezable container so I can just pull out a meal as needed.  This is especially handy for lunch time.  By the time I have the kids fed and down for a nap, I’ve missed my lunch.  Now its all ready for me.

Once A Week CookingThere is a great variety of foods in her meal plans, and you can easily customize them to your taste.  She recommends labeling each items as you put it in the freezer, I didn’t for a couple items so I had mystery meals some nights!

One of the drawbacks of the meal plans is that there are no images of the recipes.  For a non-cook like me, it is very helpful for me to “see” what my meal is supposed to look like.  There is a benefit to this lack of images though, it means that I use much less ink to print out each meal plan.

The recipes themselves are easy to follow, using ingredients that I commonly purchase at the grocery store. If there is something that I don’t like in the recipes, I am able to swap out the offending ingredient to suit my families tastes!  The meal plans at onceaweekcooking.com simplify the planning required to cook enough meals for a week. It has even inspired me to move beyond her meals and freeze a few desserts to compliment our new meals!

A subscription to Once A Week Cooking is very reasonably priced.  She offers and introductory offer for the first month and a low monthly fee after that.  You can cancel anytime.

Her website is full of great information and some yummy recipes!  For more information on Once A Week Cooking please take a moment to visit:
Website: http://onceaweekcooking.com
Sales Page: http://onceaweekcooking.com/weekly-meal-plan/
Newsletter: in sidebar and http://onceaweekcooking.com/newsletter/
Facebook: http://facebook.com/Onceaweekcooking
Twitter: http://twitter.com/onceaweekcook
Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/116632994733568834080/116632994733568834080/posts

Ms. Selby is offering my readers the chance to win a 6 month subscription to her site!  All you need to do is fill out the simple form below.  Giveaway will end April 22, 2013 at 11:59 PM and the winner will be notified by email by April 24th, 2013 and have until April 27th to respond or another winner will be drawn.

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